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Welcome to our Paris Patch Program, a great way for anyone around the world to explore Paris above ground and underground, in person or from afar!  Discover the highlights of our fascinating City of Lights. Learn about historical places in France, the lives and adventures of historical French and American female figures, African Americans, and daring aviators; find out how the tremendous effort that we know as “D-Day” was planned and carried out, and more…

We recommend our patch program for all ages, including adults.
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Two Nations, One Friendship

Learn about the long-lasting friendship between the Americans and French which started at the time of the American Revolution. Come learn more about Paris too and complete this patch with us.

 Download the requirements


Go Green Badge

Go Green BadgeWhether you are completing a journey or are searching for Earth Day activities, the Go Green badge may fit into your plans.  Are you ready to take the Go Green Pledge?  Learn how to reuse, reduce, recycle and repurpose while helping the world to become a greener place with the Go Green Badge.

Download the requirements


Paris Worlds to Explore


Explore Paris, either in person or from afar, and earn the “Paris Worlds to Explore” Patch which guides you to many of the highlights of this fascinating city.  If you visit Paris in person, see the sights, but also taste French pastry, sit in an outdoor café or ride on a Bateau Mouche to get the whole Parisian experience!

Minimum time: 2 days in person; 1-2 days online.

Download the requirements and the itinerary


Fontainebleau Chateau and Gardens

Visit Fontainebleau chateau and its gardens and then answer the questionnaire. If you are unable to visit Fontainebleau in person, you may research the chateau and gardens on the internet to complete the patch requirements in the internet research section of the questionnaire.

Minimum time: 2 days in person; 1/2 day online.

Download the requirements


Paris Underground


You may have visited Paris by day or by night, but have you ever visited Paris Underground?  You’ll explore, either in person or from afar, the underground highlights of our intriguing city, traveling by metro and visiting famous crypts, catacombs, historical fountains and even touring the sewer system.

Minimum time: 2-4 days in person; 1-2 days online.

Download questionnaire and requirements


Women in Paris

This patch provides intriguing glimpses into the lives of famous French and American women who have lived in Paris and may be earned either by researching the famous women in the questionnaire or by completing the two walking tours.

Minimum time: 1-2 days in person; 1 day on-line.

Download the questionnaire or Download the walking tour


Africa to America

africaDiscover the history of African Americans in Paris: the amazing art of Lois Mailou Jones, the heroism of the Harlem Hellfighters, Josephine Baker’s generosity and much more.

Minimum time: 2 days. Patch requirements can be fulfilled online.

Download the questionnaire


Historical Versailles

versaillesKings, Queens, statues and things … travel back in time and discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Versailles: its buildings, parks, breathtaking gardens and the famous Palace of Versailles. Rare art collections, special concerts, and open-air sound and light performances are only a few of the treasures you will uncover on this historical adventure.

Minimum time: 1-2 days in person; 1-2 days online.
Download the questionnaire
Download maps : Map 1, Map 2, Map 3


D-Day 1944 Normandy, France

usagso patchThousands of American, British and Canadian soldiers landed on the beaches in Normandy on June 6, 1944 to free France and Europe from Nazi domination during World War II. Learn about the beaches and cliffs where so many soldiers lost their lives and become familiar with the numerous museums and memorial sites that explain the importance of the D-Day Landing.  If you are unable to travel to Normandy in person, use the internet or go to your local library to satisfy the requirements for earning this patch.

Minimum time: 1-2 days in person; 1 day online.

Download requirements


Peace Program

peace-programThis program encourages children to resolve conflict, reach out to others in peace and friendship, to dedicate themselves to acts of kindness, to understand our differences to avoid misunderstandings, and to rejoice in our likenesses.

Minimum time: 2 days

Download the program


USA Girl Scouts Overseas Paris, France souvenir patch

This patch may be purchased by anyone and makes a great souvenir!