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When you just can’t wait for what you’ll do next, you can do anything!

Whether you’re living here in France permanently or temporarily, a girl attending a French, international or American school, a college student spending a semester in Paris, a parent ready for an outdoor adventure with your daughter’s troop, or an adult – female or male – looking to make a difference in a girl’s life, there’s something for you in Girl Scouts. The possibilities are endless!

Do you want to become a photographer, take better care of the environment, travel to new and interesting places, learn how to cook over a campfire and become a leader? Are you interested in learning a sport, preparing for a career, or pitching a tent? In Girl Scouting, you can do it all! It is never too late to join the fun.  Girls can become Girl Scouts at any age level.  Membership is open to girls ages 5-17 and women and men over 18 years old.


Why be a Girl Scout?

Girl Scouts encourages girls of all ages to discover, connect, and take action in their communities.

As a 21st-century girl, we recognize you want options. From healthy living to camping outdoors to arts and financial literacy, our diverse range of programs provide positive growing and learning experiences. Or discover the challenges and the fun of science, technology, engineering, and math in a supportive, all-girl environment where you don’t have to compete with boys for attention.

At Girl Scouts, it’s all about you. So, what did you do today?

No matter what level you are in Girl Scouts, the experience will be an adventure that will help you make discoveries along the way. There is something for every girl in Girl Scouting and an opportunity for you to build confidence and courage on every step of your path.

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Daisies (Kindergarten – 1st Grade, GS – CP)

Girl Scout Daisies


Girl Scout Daisies meet in a nurturing, inclusive environment. They go on trips, learn about nature and science, and explore the arts and their communities. Girl Scout Daisies can also earn Learning Petals and receive participation patches.
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Brownies (Grades 2-3, CEI – CE II)



Girl Scouts Brownies work together in groups, earn Girl Scout Brownie Try-Its, and explore their community. Friendship, fun, and age-appropriate activities begin at the Girl Scout Brownie meeting and move out to the community and wider world.
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Juniors (Grades 4-5, CM I – CM II)



Girl Scout Juniors earn badges and discover what girl power is all about through new activities and by learning to take charge of their own plans. They gain self-confidence as they explore the world in partnership with their troop/group leaders.

Girl Scout Juniors may earn the Bronze Award, the highest achievement for Juniors.
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Cadettes (Grades 6-8, 6ème – 4ème)



Cadettes have more control of what they do as Girl Scouts and are encouraged to pursue individual and group goals. Girls at this level are making the transition from younger to teen Girl Scouting. Cadettes make nearly all decisions about their program, and take responsibility for raising the funds to pay for their activities. Meetings vary a great deal, depending on individual and group projects, which are more complex than younger levels of Girl Scouts. The meetings will involve learning about a topic or a concept, and then taking steps to improve the world through education or service.
Girl Scout Cadettes may earn the Silver Award, the highest achievement for Cadettes.
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Seniors (Grades 9 – 10, 3ème-2nd)



Seniors are already confident leaders, caring members of the community, responsible for themselves and respectful of the common good. Seniors make all decisions about their program, decide on activities based on a budget, and make all plans for meetings and events. They completely plan and organize trips. They raise they money to pay for their activities and, often, to fund service projects to meet community needs. Girl Scout Seniors may earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement in all of Girl Scouting.
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Ambassadors (Grades 11 – 12, 1ère-T)



Ambassadors become the next generation of adult leaders during their last two years as girl members. These young women are advocates for other girls, are active in their communities, are focused on career and higher education choices and are achievement-oriented. Ambassadors have comprehensive, cross-functional leadership training and may work as Program Aides, as Counselors-in-Training at camp and as Leaders-in-Training in troops. Girl Scout Ambassadors may earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement in all of Girl Scouting.
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If you would like information regarding troop placement for your
daughter or a girl, please fill out the form below.

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