Girl Scouts in Paris

I Can’t Wait To Be Forever Green – Paris JGL Celebration

During the summer of 2012, the Alcoa Foundation provided a grant to expand the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary Take Action Project Girl Scouts Forever Green to take it globally to 20 countries.  Alix Pouchol from USAGSO-Paris Senior/Ambassador Troop 7 was one of 16 girls from 8 countries chosen to go to Prague, Czech Republic for a week-end retreat to begin the project and global effort to educate others on how to improve the environment and protect natural resources. There, Alix and her sister scouts brainstormed ways to reuse, reduce, recycle, and repurpose.

Once back in Paris, as part of her year-long commitment to developing Girl Scouts Forever Green projects in her community, Alix and her sister Juliette Pouchol organized this year’s Juliette Gordon Low celebration in Paris.  Inspired by the USA Girl Scouts “I Can’t Wait To…” campaign, and the imagery of a tree in Juliette Gordon Low’s poem, “A Tree for the Future”, the girls created a celebration named “I Can’t Wait to Be Forever Green”.

group1c_alixjuliette_JL_8995At the event, held on November 23rd, Alix and Juliette from Senior/Ambassador Troop 7 were joined by event volunteers Emma Rossi, Shoshana Goldfein and Claire Colbatzky from Cadette Troop 4, and Victoria Blumrosen and Lily Wallace from Cadette Troop 8.  The Cadette, Senior and Ambassador girls greeted Paris Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies and led them through their Go Green stations.   The Daisies and Brownies decorated repurposed yogurt pots, and took seeds home in order to make their very own mini herb gardens. They repurposed old DVD boxes to make personalized pencil cases, learned about recycling by making their own recycle guide from repurposed CDs, created a Girl Scout Law string using handmade beads made from recycled colored paper, and participated in a sewing craft where they added their names to leaves of a giant tree.  Each girl donated a coin to the USDA Forest Service for planting trees and they all completed the “Go Green” pledge.  By the end of the event, they had not only decorated a giant tree resembling the event patch, but the girls had also finished enough requirements to earn their “Go Green” badge – a JL_8695Girls Own badge program that Alix and Juliette developed as a framework for their project.

Girl Scouts in Paris is SO proud (and impressed!) by the work that these dynamic girls have done, and are particularly excited that a whole legion of present and future Girl Scouts will continue to learn from Troop 7 by participating in their Go Green badge program. Brava, girls!  Please take a look at our Activities Gallery for more images of this wonderful afternoon.