Girl Scouts in Paris Introduce New “Go Green” Environmental Awareness Badge


PARIS, FRANCE, (March 17, 2014) – To cap off Girl Scout Week 2014 – a time set aside to celebrate the founding of Girl Scouts of America – USA Girl Scouts in Paris has launched a new Go Green Badge and is inviting Girl Scouts around the world to join them in taking their Go Green Pledge

Created by Paris Senior/Ambassador Troop 7 as an extension of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Forever Green Project, sisters Alix and Juliette Pouchol led their troop in organizing last years’ Juliette Gordon Low celebration (an annual Girl Scout tradition celebrating the birth of Girl Scout Founder, Juliette Low), where they creatively taught younger Paris-area Scouts how to reuse, reduce, recycle and repurpose. From the success of that event, the nationally earned Go Green Badge program was born.

Go Green- the new environmental awareness badge from USA Girl Scouts in Paris

Go Green- the new environmental awareness badge from USA Girl Scouts in Paris

By completing 5 of 8 steps, including learning how to repurpose aluminum and plastic, enhancing a green space, and taking the Go Green Pledge, USA Girl Scouts around the globe can help lead or grow a movement among young people in their communities who care about the future of our planet.

“By earning this badge, I hope that girls will learn to see things differently. I want them to see a used item and know that instead of throwing it out, they can give a new life by creating something. I hope they will develop the desire to recycle and to help the world become a greener place,” said Juliette Pouchol, the designer of the full-color, embroidered badge.

In Girl Scouting, it’s not just “what girl’s do” but “how” they do it:

Troop 7 introduce their new Go Green badge to USA Girl Scouts in Paris

Troop 7 introduce their new Go Green badge to USA Girl Scouts in Paris

  • Badges created for the Girl Scout Council Own Badge award program are written and developed by girls.
  • These award programs provide a supplement to those offered by GSUSA and represent additional meaningful learning experiences for girls.
  • Girls from any USA Girl Scout council or USA Girl Scouts Overseas neighborhood are welcome to earn these recognitions.
  • These official awards are earned, and are therefore placed on the front of the sash or vest, instead of on the back where participation “fun patches” are typically worn.

The Go Green Badge can be earned at every level of Scouting, meaning girls as young as 5 (Daisies) through 18 years old (Ambassadors) can take part in the Program. “It feels really special, I couldn’t think of a better reward than seeing people walking around wearing my badge. I feel like I’m making a difference.”, Juliette said when asked how it felt having her badge as part of the group of earned badges from the Paris Girl Scout neighborhood.


About Paris Awards and Patches: In addition to the new Go Green Award, Paris Girl Scouts also offers a Paris Patch Program, a great way to visit historical Paris and France- above and underground! Information and order forms for all Paris Girl Scouts Awards and Patches can be found at:

About Girl Scouts in Paris:  Girl Scouts of the USA supports American girls living abroad through their USA Girl Scouts Overseas program.  USAGSO members enjoy the same excitement, fun and adventure in Girl Scouting as their stateside Girl Scout sisters. Since 1949, Paris has hosted one of these overseas locations, and over the years has provided the USA Girl Scout program to more than 5,000 girls living in the Paris region. We currently serve over 200 girls from kindergarten through 12th grade, and have more than 100 adult volunteers.

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